About Us


It is not how you spend your profits that defines a company, it is where that profit comes from. We help our clients to define how to make sustainability a competitive advantage. We are a business driven corporate responsibility agency that believes stakeholders are the asset and resource for innovation.

The best way for a company to create change is not solely by mitigating the negative impacts but also through creating as big of a possible positive impact. Conveniently we also believe that through that very same positive impact companies can generate more profit.

It is very hard to change people’s opinions (not impossible however). To make the process simpler we like to focus on the business case. The euros, yens, dollars, bitcoins, barley sacks and all other monetary means of exchange have a good track record for directing and recording the desires for humans and enterprises on earth.



We are in the world changing business, not necessarily the changing-peoples-mind business. We claim that the most effective way for a sustainable transition is to ensure it generates profit for the actors involved. Businesses just as for consumers. Profit has a pretty good track record on attracting interest.


There is a lot of things that are beneficial for the planet but might not be the best utilisation of the available resources. For an example a company with a large social media following only focusing on CO2-calculations. We are in the world changing business. You get the point. The same goes for our partners, collaborators and employees. We want to provide the best possible platform for growth and to maximise each’ potential.


We are in the business of changing the world. A lot of great communities have been in the same business for as long as there have been people. It is a tough business to be in. We aim to stay in that fine grey are where we appreciate the way things are done and have been done but have the distance to question best practises and challenge conventions.


in the world changing business makes little sense without the “We”. Accompany is based on the idea that stakeholders are the most precious resource. No company can achieve large scale, you-know-what changing effects without their network and community. We want to remind ourselves of that daily.