We are a business driven corporate responsibility agency. We help our collaborators to identify and prioritize opportunities for competitive advantage in sustainability.

About us

It is not how you spend your profits that defines a company, it is where that profit comes from. We help our clients to define how to make sustainability a competitive advantage. We are a business driven corporate responsibility agency that believes stakeholders are the asset and resource for innovation.

Impact beyond your office walls

Encourage your competitors to do the same



We are in the world changing business, not necessarily the changing-peoples-mind business. We claim that the most effective way for a sustainable transition is to ensure it generates profit for the actors involved. Businesses just as for consumers. Profit has a pretty good track record on attracting interest.


There is a lot of things that are beneficial for the planet but might not be the best utilisation of the available resources. For an example a company with a large social media following only focusing on CO2-calculations. We are in the world changing business. You get the point. The same goes for our partners, collaborators and employees. We want to provide the best possible platform for growth and to maximise each’ potential.


We are in the business of changing the world. A lot of great communities have been in the same business for as long as there have been people. It is a tough business to be in. We aim to stay in that fine grey area where we appreciate the way things are done and have been done but have the distance to question best practises and challenge conventions.


“are in the world changing business” makes no sense without the “We”. Accompany is based on the idea that stakeholders are the most precious resource. Employees and partners alike!


Solid business cases

Together with the client we identify key metrics and outcomes for the partnership and set up ways to measure our progress

Stakeholder Insight and involvement

Stakeholders are vital for companies. Our process and experience ensure they have a chance to contribute and validate the innovations.


Our stakeholder-centric approach ensures that we are rooted in facts. On top of that we do separate market validation during the projects.

Transformative Innovation

Many innovations come from where we do not tend to look for them. We pair people from different fields to innovate new approaches to corporate responsibility.

Large Pool of specialists

Our backgrounds vary from creatives to academics to business minds and all in between and beyond paired with out sustainability expertise.

Expertise on implementation

Insight and understanding are crucial for transforming industries. We ensure our insight is actionable and supports quick implementation. We collaborate with the best partners from various fields of expertise.

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