Otto Pesonen joins Accompany

This spring has not gone like planned. After signing our first customer in December we created a schedule that would enable us to focus on sales during the spring. 

Needless to say that the sales have been thin. This is because we have not made a single sales call, a proposal or pitch so far.

When the COVID-19 situation became the new normal, we saw this as an opportunity rather than a challenge. We decided to postpone starting our sales until the fall to focus on our strategy, business development and research. 

With the conscious decision of stepping outside positive cash flows until fall, we were hard pressed to minimize expenses. We did not.

Great innovation does not come by itself. Innovation needs talent and time. To ensure that we have plenty of both, we are happy to let you know that Otto Pesonen will be joining our team as a Business Advisor. Otto is involved in several business ventures and has a strong background in business development and sales planning. He offers the needed experience and skillset to complement the current team of Accompany. Otto will be focusing on our strategy process, product development and sales planning.

Happy to have you on board!