Looking For Creators

Accompany is innovative, disruptive and business driven. We need your help.

We have been happily surprised by the amount of interest we have faced in the last few months.

One of our core values is to maximize potential. The potential of our experts, partners and other stakeholders. We are now looking for new talent to help us fulfill that promise — And to help in their individual potential maximization quest.

We see that now is a perfect time for us to widen our perspectives and skill sets. We are looking for exciting and curious people who might have something to offer we don’t even know to look for.

We value diversity, vision and honesty. If you are enthusiastic and you feel like we could do something together –call us. If you are a Student –call us. A Business Specialist, a Designer or an Academic — you know the drill.

We are a stakeholder-centric strategy consulting agency. That doesn’t mean that you have to have done something similar before. We care about the fire in your eyes and what excites you.

Stay safe!

Antti Heiskala
+358 40 719 2741 

Otto Pesonen
+358 40 030 5631