Accompany x HRR Oy

We are glad to announce our collaboration with Helsingin Rock and Roll Oy. The focus of our project is based around the venues managed by HRR, which are Tavastia-club, Ravintola Ilves and Semifinal.

HRR Oy and Tavastia-club is a great example for an Accompany-project because of their unique positioning in the live music field. The negative impact of a venue is quite small in its fixed emissions, but the potential reach very large with direct stakeholders and secondary stakeholder through the performing acts.

For Tavastia, Accompany is doing a year-long project that aims to incorporate sustainability into the company’s strategy. The project is divided in to three separate parts to cater to the clients needs.

Impact Assesment – A Co2 footprint calculation and assessment. 

Phase 1 workshopping – Extensive workshopping with the client’s stakeholders to generate a large pool of ideas for possible CSR approaches. The data gathered in this phase is crucial to form a holistic understanding of what is expected of the client and how different kind of  actions would resonate with the target stakeholders.

Implementation – The validation of the stakeholder data and developing it to an implementable form. Fine tuning the business cases together with the clients operative personnel and Accompany experts.