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It is not how you spend your profits that defines a company, it is where that profit comes from. We help our clients to define how to make sustainability a competitive advantage. We are a stakeholder-oriented innovation office.

Our added value is two sided. We believe the best way for a company to create change is not solely by mitigating the negative impacts but through creating as big of a possible positive impact alongside. Conveniently we also believe that through that very same positive impact companies can generate more profit directly as well as indirectly.  

It is very hard to change people’s opinions (not impossible however). To make the process simpler we like to focus on the business case. The euros, yens, dollars, bitcoins, barley sacks and all other monetary means of exchange have so far had a good track record for directing and recording the desires for humans and enterprises on earth. 

Accompany is a stakeholder-oriented innovation agency based in Helsinki Finland. For more info, please see the landing page.

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